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The Saharna Monastery is situated at 8 km from Rezina town, 45 km from Orhei town and 120 km from Chisinau. Saint Trinity Monastery in Saharna is situated in one of the most picturesque gorges on three succeeding alternating terraces, on the shore of Nistru river, near Saharna village. The Monastery is surrounded from all sides by the high rocky hills, which are partly covered with forests. The historical heart of the Monastery Saharna dates since ancient times. The monastery was founded by the hermit Bartolomeu in 1776. Today, it represents a complex of constructions: summer church of Saint Trinity (1818-1821), sanctified by the metropolitan G. Banulescu-Bodoni; winter church of Virgin's Assumption (1863) guards the relics of Saint Macarii; cells and the chapel of Virgin Maria with a miracle icon. On the top of the mountain Grimidon there is a small chapel. According to the legend, in this place, Virgin Maria appeared to Bartolomeu and left in the rock her footstep. You can see yourselves the Virgin's footstep printed in the rock. The river Saharna forms 22 waterfalls along its way. In case You get tired after the trip, you can have a rest on the bottom of a waterfall, in the shadow of high rocks.


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