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Суббота, 22 Июля 2017
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The open air museum represents a true natural fortress, inhabited since ancient times. On the territory of Old Orhei, which stretches over 220 ha, there can be observed relics of various civilizations: the Geto-Dacian fortress (VI-Ith c.c. BC), orthodox cave monasteries (IX-XVth c.c.), Tatar-Mongol town Shehr al- Gedid (XIVth c.) and Moldavian town Orhei (XV-XVIIth c.c.). Most items discovered during the diggings made here are on display in the local museum, which counts more than 4 thousand exhibits. In the "Peasant's house of XIXth c." museum, which is located in Butuceni, one can get acquainted with the ethnography of the site and life style of the Moldavian people. Lunch in national style with traditional dishes of Moldavian cuisine, folkloric program and visit of sale exhibition of handicrafts will get you acquainted with the traditions and customs of our people.


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