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The Hincu Convent is situated on the river Coghilnic, 70 km from the capital of Moldova, in a valley, surrounded by hills and secular forest. Founded in 1678, the Convent was one of the richest monasteries on the south of Moldova from the XVIIth century. People come to the Convent in great number and, especially, in the name-day of Saint Paraschiva, celebrated on October 27 (according to the church calendar). The legend about the foundation of convent says that once, one of the eminent courtiers of the XVIIth century, Mihalcea Hincu with his daughter Paraschiva, escaping the Tatar foray, on the one clearing of Codri forest swore to built a monastery at that place if they survive. Mihalcea Hincu kept his word. During the XVIIth c., the wooden churches and cells were many times destroyed by the Tatars' invasions. In hard times the Saint Paraschiva Monastery remained uninhabited. In 1835 a stone summer church was built in Russian- Byzantine style. Later, in 1841, there came a church for the winter season. From 1956 to 1990 the convent was closed by the Soviet authorities, and it functioned as a sanatorium for the Ministry of Health instead. In 1990, at the request of the local population, the Hincu Monastery was reopened, becoming one of the most well arranged and most visited religious communities. A lot of water springs surround the convent, one of them is mineralized. To our days, the Convent pleases the eyes and hearts of believers and visitors.


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