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Понедельник, 25 Сентября 2017
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The Integrated Factory "Cricova" is a true pearl of Moldavian wine-making. The excellent Moldavian wines are aged and preserved in the famous Cricova limestone mines (they have almost 60 km in length), under careful custody of wine-makers. Natural limestone in the cellars helps to maintain the necessary temperature - 12-14ºC and humidity 97-98 % - the optimal conditions for high quality wine aging. Cricova wines are unusual - quite self-contained, very tasty and elegant. Today Cricova is an underground town. You will convince yourself while driving along the streets and boulevards with wine names Cabernet, Feteasca, Pinot, Aligote... In the underground silence of Cricova cellars up to 30 mln litres of wine acquire their precious unsurpassable properties. Nowadays the Integrated Factory Cricova is a multitude of brands of high quality table red and white wines, produced by original technologies, 15 brands of sparkling wines. The collection of vintage wines numbers over one million of all sorts. Here there are stored unique French, Italian, Spanish wines, as well as samples from many other countries; the oldest wine dates back to 1902. The Integrated Factory Cricova is the only factory in Republic that produces sparkling wine through the classical French fermentation method - aging in bottles for up to 3 years. All Cricova wines can be tasted in luxurious tasting halls, which are a veritable masterpiece of exquisite architecture. Cricova' s wine-makers won over 60 gold and silver medals on various prestigious international exhibitions and competitions. Since 1996 the Integrated Factory is a member of the European Club of Commercial Leaders, which estimated its merits at their true worth, awarding it with the prize in the sphere of activity and Golden Star of quality. This is an adequate recognition of the production with the Cricova trade mark. ("Cocos Tur " s prices for tours in working days, in euro) Time of the tour: 9.00; 11.00; 14.00. Transport - height up to 2м. The tours include: 

- 1-category: tour, duration 40 minutes.
- 2 category: tour, tasting,snack with sandwiches
- 3 category: tour, tasting, lunch, souvenirs (1 bottle of champagne +1 bottle of wine). Duration - 2,5 hours.Categories no. 2, 3 - on a group of minimum 4 persons. Services of a guide speaking English, French, Romanian, Russian (except for Turkish, German, Japanese) Note:
Pp -price per a person; Pax -number of  persons;
1c, 2c, 3c - 1*, 2*, 3* category of tours 


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