Начало тура: Monday to Friday
Cricova Wine Tour

Year by year skilful winemakers of Cricova fill its famous wine collection. Visit to the Cricova Halls is not only a trip to the wine country, but also a revel inevitable atmosphere of a mysterious Cricova underground, where one can taste its priceless wines.

The year of 1953 is the year of foundation of the unique, majestic "Cricova" wine city, known not only in Moldova, but widely abroad. Before the foundation, Cricova underground was a place where sawed stone of shell-rock was mined and used as a building material.The ancestor of wine production, Mr. Piotr Ungureanu and others, discovered a microclimate, ideal for dry and sparkling wines storage. A constant temperature of 10-14 C and high level of humidity of 95-98% always held. After the clearing of sawed stone waste and some insignificant works on deepening, communication and asphaltation, fine wine materials of 50 thousand decalitres annually has been made here. First time in the Republic, in 1955 the production in small installments, of 50 -150 bottles annually, of sparkling wines started.The winery is situated at a depth of 50-80 meters under the ground. Natural limestone mines, that stretched out as a 60-kilometres ribbon on the slopes of a shallowed river, turned into the operating workshops. There is entire underground town with unusual street names like: Feteasca Avenue, Aigote Streets, Caberne, Riesling.The Sparkling and Fine Wines Enterprise "Cricova" is the founder of production of high-quality elite wines and is truly considered the pearl of Moldovan winemaking.

The Program: Monday to Friday from 9.00 till 21.00

After 15.00 and in weekends there is an additional fee of 10 Euro per person.

The tours are organized in Romanian, Russian and English languages.

Included transfer Chisinau-Cricova-Chisinau

The Packages:

Morning delight. No testing.Start 9:00
Time:1 hour and 10 min
Includet:Tour only
1 pers- 44 Euro 
2 pers- 59 Euro
3 pers-75 Euro
4-7 pax- 136 Euro

Oraşul Subteran (underground town)
Time:1 hour and 10 min
Includet:Tour only
1 pers- 56 Euro 
2 pers- 84 Euro
3 pers- 112 Euro
4-7 pax- 197 Euro


Time:1 hour and 30 min
Includet: the tour, 4 different wines for tasting,snacks: nuts, traditional pies, mineral water.
Price :
1 pers- 63 Euro 
2 pers- 97 Euro
3 pers- 132 Euro
4-7 pax- 230Euro

Time:1 hour and 50 min
Includet:the tour, 7 different wines for tasting,- snacks: cheese varieties, crackers, mineral water.
1 pers- 70 Euro 
2 pers- 113 Euro
3 pers- 155 Euro
4-7 pax- 269 Euro

Moldovenesc (Moldovan)
Time:2 hours 
Includet: the tour, 8 different wines for tasting, meal #1, mineral water, tee/coffee.
1 pers- 90 Euro 
2 pers- 155 Euro
3 pers- 219 Euro
4-7 pax- 380 Euro

Time:2 hours and 30 min
Includet: the tour and the movie, 9 different wines for tasting, meal #2, mineral water, tee/coffee.
1 pers- 316 Euro 
2 pers- 420 Euro
3 pers- 467 Euro
4-7 pax- 667 Euro

Premium Gold
Time:3 hours 
Includet: the tour and the movie, 9 different wines for tasting,meal #2, mineral water, tee/coffee.
1 pers- 349 Euro 
2 pers- 487 Euro
3 pers- 603 Euro
4-7 pax- 878 Euro